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My Story

Hi there,
I'm Amy Viola -
sacred space practitioner & guide.
Welcome. ♡

Amy Viola - Integrative Healing - Haarlem, Netherlands

The work I share today has been catalyzed by my own suffering and the tender art of finding my way back home, time and time again. 

From a very young age, I learned to be ashamed of my body and my emotions, which caused me to be driven by fear for many, many years. I was constantly anxious and created walls in all of my relationships to 'protect' myself. It felt like I was always hiding. I carried a deep fear of men, and never let them get close to me, both physically and emotionally.

I received my first Reiki session in 2010 and sobbed on the table within minutes of laying down. In that moment, I opened a part of myself that had been shutdown for as long as I could remember. I chose to feel my pain and release it. I vividly remember how I felt laying there after all the tears washed through me - light, floating, and expansive. 

This experience changed the trajectory of my path. I continued seeing my Reiki teacher who became my mentor, and began practicing on myself and with others. I got more in touch and in tune with my own energetic healing capabilities. My connection to Spirit became more tangible through the sessions.  Looking back, my experience with the Reiki acted as a doorway into what I call 'energetic bodywork'. My hands, body, and intuition began working with the energy of the clients in their own unique way, and the Reiki energy seemed to be less in the forefront.

I continued to explore other realms of healing, and went to Costa Rica several times to train and explore myself. The community of PachaMama has been a significant part of my journey. I completed my YTT there in 2014, and 2 years later, the Clarity Breathwork training.

I have been serving as an energetic bodyworker, a Holistic Birth Doula, a Breathwork practitioner, and guide over the past 10 years.

After the birth of my son, Onyx in 2018, I felt inspired to bring people together and facilitate the breathwork in groups. This has been deeply fulfilling for me, and the magic and healing that happen in every single ceremony
 always leave me in complete awe. There's something so special about co-creating the space together and letting ourselves be witnessed in our vulnerability. Our bodies naturally want to heal, and when we give them this safe kind of space, miracles happen.

Whether it be through sacred ceremonies, breathwork, energywork or authentic relating, I believe that I'm here to create a safe, loving space to guide others through their pain and resistance and back to the home that exists within themselves, within their hearts.

Together, we have the potential to create an intimate relationship with the Darkness and the Light, while cultivating a deeper sense of self-trust and self-empowerment during and after our time together.

It is an honour to learn, share, and grow with every one of you. Thank you for being here.



I'm currently living in Costa Rica with my family - the place where much of my transformational work and trainings has taken place.


I love to facilitate breathwork ceremonies when I'm travelling, so stay tuned for my upcoming circles and reach out if you'd like to organize one!

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