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Hello Everyone!

I’m a Canadian-born gal currently living in the charming city of Haarlem.  It has been an honour to serve as a holistic practitioner and as a guide for the past 10+ years in Canada and Costa Rica, and now, here in The Netherlands.

If you're wondering what brought me here, the answer is love + my soul's calling. 

I met my beloved partner, Teun (a super lekker Dutch man) in December of 2016 in Canada.  He was clear evidence of the personal work I had been devoted to for years leading up to our meeting. He mirrored back to me the unconditional love that I had finally learned to give myself (and continue to learn) through many challenging yet empowering life circumstances.  I was ready to join forces in Union with this man and surrender to all that was possible.

Less than one year later, I felt strongly that I needed to be here, and accepted the intuitive invitation to move across the ocean, even though I couldn't make much sense of it in my mind when I tried.


The following year we birthed our beautiful son, Onyx Atlantic into the world in September of 2018. (What a miracle!) We practice conscious relationship and parenting, and challenge each other daily to honour our truth, live authentically, and maintain intimacy.

After hosting our first round of solo retreats together at a cabin in Helvoirt, NL this summer, we are very inspired to continue working together in this form. If you are interested in our solo or group retreats, please contact me for more information. 


My passion for healing work began in my hometown of Winnipeg, Manitoba in 2010 when I received my first Reiki healing. After many years of suppressing my emotional body and hiding much of my physical body, Reiki sessions created a safe space for me to uncover some childhood wounds and tap into the unresolved pain that I was carrying. There was finally some sense of relief coming into my life. This was my first glimpse of shadow work and inner child work, and I felt a strong desire for more. So I received my Master's attunement and began to practice and share.


After developing a love affair with Vancouver, BC through frequent visits, my heart relocated me there to pursue my fascination in the realm of healing arts. With the intention to dive into my personal growth and share this in service to others, living in Vancouver allowed for me to welcome and follow my intuitive nature down many different pathways related to holistic health. I became more in touch with my connection to Spirit and and discovered that I had a Spirit ally at my side enthusiastically offering her support to myself, and to many of those who came to me for healing sessions. In her previous life, she was my Father's Mother, Viola.


During this time, I was very drawn to the lush lands of Costa Rica, where

I immersed myself in a 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training, and two years later, the Clarity Breathwork training in the transformational community of PachaMama. 

After experiencing the potency of Clarity Breathwork for myself, I knew I had to share this work with others. I had never come across a healing modality so powerful, yet so simple. The Breathwork allowed me to clearly and consistently access parts of myself that were requiring attention in a confronting, yet gentle way.

Shortly after, I studied Emotional Wellness Coaching through the Integrative Health Coach Institute. This training was inspired by my strong desire to offer continual support between sessions and witness lasting change in my clients' lives.

I have spent many years shamefully rejecting my body, my thoughts, my emotions, and my Higher Self. I know the pain and the cost of hiding while feeling trapped in the belief that there is no way out. Learning to accept and integrate these once unacknowledged and unloved parts of myself has been the most empowering and liberating ride. Without a doubt, my pain has been the greatest catalyst for my transformation.

The work I offer today has emerged from my own suffering, and the tender art of putting myself back together again. By allowing and loving my Darkness rather than resisting it, I have learned and continue to learn how these shadow aspects of myself are showing up for me, rather than against me. They have been keys for integration and embodying authenticity. 

Weaving breathwork, energywork, and raw conversation, my sessions focus on bringing self-awareness to any resistance and limitation that may be holding your true self back in life.  I will support you in bringing more self-love and compassion into these areas and together we will explore ways for you to free your authentic expression. This may include somatic release during a session, or discovering how you can express your emotions responsibly through conscious action. I will guide you inward and forward, if you're willing.

I am committed to the ever-evolving practice of self-love/self-acceptance and my calling lays in openly sharing everything that has contributed to deepening this connection within myself. I believe that the relationship with ourself is the root from which everything grows, and therefore we must pay close attention to it and continually nourish it through our inner work, and

it begins with the breath.

Together, we have the potential to create an intimate relationship with your Darkness and your Light, while cultivating a deeper sense of self-trust and self-empowerment during and after our time together.

It is an honour to learn, share, and grow with every one of you. 

We're all in this together.

♡ Amy Viola


In the honouring of my


I give rise to my



Amy Viola Integrative Healing

Haarlem, The Netherlands


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